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I'm customizing FreePBX(Asterisk-GUI).

But, that is automatically update version.

So, several modules are turned 'disabled' or 'broken'.

I hope to disable to auto update .

How I can?

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Correct solution - fix that modules so it not do broken

But you always can change in /etc/hosts resolv for freepbx.org repo so it not able get any modules from web. For exact host name see source code.

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Thank you. But I found the way. :) That is turn off 'Update notification' Option in Module Admin page. –  whdals0 Mar 26 at 9:02
Outdated modules is huge security risk. It is not wise ignore security risk on voip system, as result you can get 2000+usd bills in one day,for example for calls to Cuba. –  arheops Mar 26 at 10:26

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