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In my application i have to maintain user session until user logout. Session should be maintained even if user closes app but not logout, as user reopens app same session should work.

For that i came to know that , it can be happen if we use cookie associated with Login HttpRequest.

I get cookie like this,,,

[version: 1]
[name: session_id]
[value: D8sBImkiagfsjdhfgGHKJHSFSf8FSAdfasd2sD7tT34fNlyMJwX%2BT96wWBIWZ1aLNSAsh7xIJwGAJ]
[domain: abcd.co.uk]
[path: /]
[expiry: Wed Mar 25 11:44:13 GMT+05:30 2014] 

And how to send cookie with each HttpPost and HttpGet so as to maintain session ?

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