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I want to remove some querystring attribute from my url, I tried some regex but didn't get the exact solution for this. Please help me to out of it. eg:

String qString = "category=Popular&code=14290115";
qString = qString .replaceAll("(?<=[?&;])code=.*?($|[&;])",""); 
output: category=Popular&

the above regex is removing the attribute but not removing & symbol. So please suggest me for this.

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no... I just want to remove only case parameter. I want this: http://www.domain.com?id=1&start=2&end=5 –  user2518430 Mar 24 at 7:43
what is the problem? It works fine. See Demo here –  TheQuickBrownFox Mar 24 at 7:46
Why don't you just split into query elements, build a list from the array without the element you want and reconstruct the query string? –  fge Mar 24 at 7:49
there is a problem only when case is the last parameter. So maybe, after the replacement, you can test if qString ends with '&' and remove it. –  Laura Mar 24 at 7:49
Oh Sorry... I edited my question. I am using this id=1&case=edit&start=2&end=5 as query string –  user2518430 Mar 24 at 7:51

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Don't use a regex for this. It's an utter nightmare because any character could be percent-encoded, e.g. ?foo=bar is exactly the same as ?%66oo=%62ar. Parse the URL, then the query string, then rebuild it. Take a look at URIBuilder and URLEncodedUtils out of the Apache Commons HTTP Client.

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Ok Thanks for your suggestion @David, I need to try and check. –  user2518430 Mar 24 at 8:03
I am using URIBuilder and its really helpful. Thanks @David –  user2518430 Apr 22 at 9:55

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