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I am using Android 4.2.2 on Qualcomm APQ8064 Chip set. I want to enable audio output to the USB headset. I tried using aplay command but no luck. The driver for usb-audio is already there in the code. Everything is integrated but i don't get any output on the usb-headset. Any flags that need to be set?? Any lead will be of great help.

@Micheal:Following are the logs for the same, I just noticed that below logs from AudioUsbALSA can also be seen when the USB headset is not connected.

3502:I/InputReader(  676): Device added: id=8, name='Logitech Inc. Logitech USB Headset H340', sources=0x00000501
3504:D/StatusBar.NetworkController(  769): refreshViews: Data not connected!! Set no data type icon / Roaming
3505:D/StatusBar.NetworkController(  769): refreshViews connected={ } level=?? combinedSignalIconId=0x7f02013d/com.android.systemui:drawable/stat_sys_signal_null combinedActivityIconId=0x0 mobileLabel=No Internet connection wifiLabel= emergencyOnly=false combinedLabel=No Internet connection mAirplaneMode=false mDataActivity=0 mPhoneSignalIconId=0x7f02013d mQSPhoneSignalIconId=0x7f020073 mDataDirectionIconId=0x0 mDataSignalIconId=0x7f02013d mDataTypeIconId=0x0 mQSDataTypeIconId=0x0 mNoSimIconId=0x0 mWifiIconId=0x0 mQSWifiIconId=0x0 mBluetoothTetherIconId=0x1080563
3600:V/PhoneStatusBar(  769): setLightsOn(true)
3627:V/AudioHardwareALSA(  272): closeUsbPlaybackIfNothingActive, musbPlaybackState: 0
3628:D/AudioUsbALSA(  272): exitPlaybackThread, mproxypfdPlayback: -1
3629:D/AudioUsbALSA(  272): closeDevice handle 0x0
3630:D/AudioUsbALSA(  272): closeDevice handle 0x0
3710:V/PhoneStatusBar(  769): setLightsOn(true)
3730:V/AudioHardwareALSA(  272): closeUsbPlaybackIfNothingActive, musbPlaybackState: 0
3731:D/AudioUsbALSA(  272): exitPlaybackThread, mproxypfdPlayback: -1
3732:D/AudioUsbALSA(  272): closeDevice handle 0x0
3733:D/AudioUsbALSA(  272): closeDevice handle 0x0
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Which code base are you building from? Something from the CodeAurora Forums? Qualcomm uses DEVICE_OUT_ANLG_DOCK_HEADSET for device-mode USB headsets IIRC. Have you checked if you get a setDeviceConnectionState for that device in AudioPolicyManagerALSA ? –  Michael Mar 24 at 8:50
Is QCOM_USBAUDIO_ENABLED set when you build the audio.primary module (i.e. does the code in AudioUsbALSA ever run)? Have you tried manipulating the volume for the USB ALSA card? (sometimes the default volume is really low; I've run into this myself). –  Michael Mar 24 at 13:26
@Micheal: I am using code from CodeAurora Forums. Yes when I plug in the USB Headset I get the following logs : E/AudioPolicyManagerALSA(287):setDeviceConnectionState() device: 800,state 1,address E/AudioPolicyManagerALSA(287):setDeviceConnectionState() connecting device 800 W/AudioPolicyManagerALSA(287):checkOutputsForDevice() could not open output for device 800 –  Nirmal Mar 24 at 13:26
W/AudioPolicyManagerALSA(287):checkOutputsForDevice() could not open output for device 800 W/AudioPolicyManagerALSA(287):checkOutputsForDevice() could not open output for device 800 E/AudioPolicyManagerALSA(287):setDeviceConnectionState() checkOutputsForDevice() returned 2 outputs –  Nirmal Mar 24 at 13:27
Is AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_ANLG_DOCK_HEADSET enabled for any output in your audio_policy.conf file? –  Michael Mar 24 at 13:30

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