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I am developing a installer for windows based , I have written a batch file to install all the dependencies for my application.

After successful dependencies installation am going to install my application. Now here the question is after successful application installation i want to start the server(Its a Java process, it will keep running until you stop) automatically than starting manually.

Here after started the server as a part of app installation Next button in the *InstallPanel is not enabled.*

This is my executable info

executable targetfile="$INSTALL_PATH/install_script.bat" stage="postinstall" keep="false" failure="abort"

Am currently using IZPack 5 version.

Note : If I stop the java process , Next button in the InstallPanel is getting enabled.

Can anyone please help me out?

Thanks In Advance.

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Is your Java program designed to run in the background? I.e. When you run install_script.bat manually, does it hang until you terminate the Java process? – ewh May 22 '14 at 5:49
Finally I got one reply, thanks a lot.Actually for this am going to start the Java process as window service using Apache Common Daemon utility. – Honey May 22 '14 at 10:24

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