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In ax 2012 in form with template "list page" you normally cannot access the clicked method on the button. You are just not allowed to overwrite method `clicked

You can change this behavior by setting the button property "DisplayTarget" to the value "Client". Than you can change the code of clicked method. But it does not feel right.

Is there any way how to access clicked method better way? For example by using *FormName*ListPageInteraction which is linked in form properties?

P.S.: I know you can make menu item (action) -> and call some class. But when you do not want to open new form in new window (by using menu item [display]), but you want to change something on current form it feels even worse than overwriting clicked method.

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Setting the DisplayTarget property to the value "Client" will hide the button if used from Enterprise Portal. If you not plan to use the list page in EP then go ahead.

Otherwise you will have to put your code in the target form initor class main method.

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