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for specific reasons I have two functions, each of them creates a plot in two different windows. Is it possible to unify this two plots in one window, without unifying the functions? thanks!

edit: I have 2 involved functions and a database: function 1 in file1.py plots a 2d-line plot:


In file2.py theres my other function, which plots a filled contour:

ax = plt.subplot(111)

If I use plt.showas usual, the result are 2 different windows.

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It depends :-) Edit the post with at least the coding language and the plotting library you're using –  flebool Mar 24 at 10:27
@flebool, added a few details :) –  Hubschr Mar 24 at 11:13
Be more specific. What does "create a plot/subplot" mean? are you talking about figure or axis objects? what are the definitions of the 2 functions? Please post some code and your progress so far sscce.org –  flebool Mar 24 at 11:32
@flebool ok.. what you think about my second edit? :D –  Hubschr Mar 24 at 13:05
Are they even running in the same python process? If so, just pass the figure (or better, axes) object into the function. –  tcaswell Mar 24 at 14:49

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Re-factor your function to take an Axes object to draw to as an argument:

def fun1(ax):

def fun2(ax):

fig, ax = plt.subplots(1, 1)


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