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i am writing an verilog program for jk flipflop in structural level my program is as follows:

module jkstruct(j,k,clk,q,qbar);

input j,k,clk;

output reg q,qbar;

initial begin q=1'b1;qbar=1'b0; end

wire x,y,w,z;

assign w=q;

assign z=qbar;

nand n1(x,z,j,clk);

nand n2(y,k,w,clk);

nand n3(q,x,z);

nand n4(qbar,y,w);


ERROOR:Simulator:754 - Signal EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION receivedPrinting stacktrace...

was appearing on simulator error panel. I am using xilinx 13.4 licensed version.

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You are initialising outputs with

initial begin q=1'b1;qbar=1'b0; end

When they are combinatorially driven from :

nand n3(q,x,z);
nand n4(qbar,y,w);

The above requires the output to be connected via wire not reg.

Remove the initial, and reg declaration (apply change to below), and report back if the issue still persists.

output q,qbar; // was output reg q,qbar;
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Actually i wants to make flipflop state as logic-1 so thats why i made q=1'b1 &qbar=1'b0.. –  Gouse Mar 25 at 16:01
@Grouse you can not 'preset' the outputs from a different level of hierarchy like that. n3 and n4 are driving those values. If you want to change the output on a combinatorial block change the inputs. If you want to change initial state, swap q and qbar. –  Morgan Mar 25 at 17:45

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