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I'm wondering if anyone can help me plot an approximation of the surface of a sphere using XYZ coordinates. I have tried calculating Delaunay triangulated panels using the package geometry and then to plot iwith rgl. The first attempt, which looks nice, unfortunately created Delaunay 3d triangles that cross through the sphere. I would ultimately like to only plot the surface:

Generate 3d xyz data of a sphere

n <- 10 
rho <- 1
theta <- seq(0, 2*pi,, n) # azimuthal coordinate running from 0 to 2*pi 
phi <- seq(0, pi,, n) # polar coordinate running from 0 to pi (colatitude)
grd <- expand.grid(theta=theta, phi=phi)

x <- rho * cos(grd$theta) * sin(grd$phi)
y <- rho * sin(grd$theta) * sin(grd$phi)
z <- rho * cos(grd$phi)
xyzw <- cbind(x,y,z,w=1)

Calculate 3d Delaunay triangles and plot with rgl:


tc <- delaunayn(xyzw[,1:3])
tetramesh(tc,cbind(x,y,z), alpha=0.2, col=5)

enter image description here

Attempt at only returning surface triangles via 2d Delaunay triangulation

tc <- delaunayn(xyzw[,c(1:2)])
for(i in seq(nrow(tc))){
    vertices <- c(t(xyzw[tc[i,],]))
    indices <- c( 1, 2, 3)
    shade3d( tmesh3d(vertices,indices) , alpha=0.2, col="cyan")

enter image description here

Obviously, something is not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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