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Think of a platform-wide commenting-system. A comment can be added to a users profile, a website section, another comment or X other things.

That means that the comment has an "addressee_id" and the addressee_id can reference on different tables.

  • Comments (id, adresseee_id, ..., ...)
  • Sections (id, ...)
  • Users (id, ...)

What is the best way to define on which table to join?

Three possible ways:

  1. Denormalization I remove other tables and add X columns to the "comments"-table Problem: a lot of empty fields.

  2. Another table "pages" with page_ids. Each table gets an extra column "page_id" with FK on pages.id. But here i have to make X JOINS for each request. Sounds expensive.

  3. Comments-table gets an extra column "addresse_type" Here i have to implement IF/ELSE logics into the query which is also expensive and not easy to maintain.

What do you suggest?

Thanks Phil

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stackoverflow.com/questions/21676628/… Check this out. –  Neels Mar 24 at 11:02
You really want to foreign key on to a single table. You could create an 'objects' table for anything that can be commented on. That table you would have at-least two fields; [object_type_id] (an 'id' of the table the object is from) and [object_id] (the natural primary keys from the root tables). Then you have a composite foreign key. To make your joins easier, you could also have a VIEW that UNIONs all of the other tables together; SELECT 1 AS object_type_id, a, b, c FROM table1 UNION ALL SELECT 2 AS object_type_id, a, b, c FROM table2 UNION ALL ... –  MatBailie Mar 24 at 11:20
@Neels Thanks, but i need data from other tables. I can not merge them into one table. –  pz90 Mar 24 at 11:24
@MatBailie Perhaps a view is a good solution. Still not sure yet but i really appreciate your input on this. –  pz90 Mar 24 at 11:29
I suggest 3 as the method since you have a scenario like this –  tarzanbappa Mar 24 at 12:22

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