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In python which library is able to extract SIFT visual descriptors? I know opencv has an implementation but it is not free to use and skimage does not include SIFT particularly.

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I would like to suggest VLFeat, another open source vision library. It also has a python wrapper. The implementation of SIFT in VLFeat is modified from the original algorithm, but I think the performance is good.

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pypi.python.org/pypi/vlfeat-ctypes/0.1.4 is this the wrapper you talked about ? –  Erogol Apr 17 at 6:29
I am using this one pypi.python.org/pypi/pyvlfeat/0.1.1a3, use boost.python to build. –  Yu Lu Apr 17 at 9:40

OpenCV is free to use.

But SIFT itself as algorithm is patented, so if you would make your own implementation of SIFT, not based on Lowe`s code, you still could not use it in commercial application. So, unless you have got a license for SIFT, no library with it, is free.

But you can consult with patent guys - some countries like Russia does not allow to patent algorithms - so you can you SIFT inside such country.

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I am not concerned with the patent issues and question is not that. Thanks anyway. –  Erogol Mar 24 at 12:49

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