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I created a custom UICollectionViewLayout which creates a two dimensional grid. Scrolling horizontal ant vertical works fine. There is just a problem if you test it on different OS.

If you get to the right or bottom border of the whole UICollectionView and bounces are turned on, on iOS7 nothing happens. But when it gets to iOS6 every time you drag the UICollectionView over the bounds size, the method layoutAttributesForElementsInRect will be called multiple times. This causes a massive lag because inside layoutAttributesForElementsInRect the layout is enumerating all views to get the views which should be displayed.

Does somebody know what causes this problem on iOS6

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Cache your layout attributes in prepareLayout. Loop through them and see what intersects in layoutAttributesForElementsInRect. Make a breakpoint in layoutAttributesForElementsInRect and ensure it's UIKit code triggering the call. If it's your own code triggering this call, see if you can avoid triggering it more than necessary. In my case this method is generally just used by UIKit to determine how to lay out the onscreen cells.

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