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I'm using RCaller in Java in order to execute an external R program.

The problem is, that I don't know the exact size of the matrix but the .getAsDoubleMatrix() method wants to have the size.

double[][] matrix = caller.getParser().getAsDoubleMatrix("result", DONT_KNOW, DONT_KNOW);

Is there a way to keep the size dynamic?

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By the revision e263b5393d43, RoutputParser class has now getDimensions() method for getting unknown dimensions of a matrix. Here is the passed test file:

int n = 21;
int m = 23;
double[][] data = new double[n][m];
for (int i=0;i<data.lengthi++){    
    for (int j=0;j<data[0].length;j++){
        data[i][j] = Math.random();
RCaller caller = new RCaller();

RCode code = new RCode();
code.addDoubleMatrix("x", data);


int[] mydim = caller.getParser().getDimensions("x");

Assert.assertEquals(n, mydim[0]);
Assert.assertEquals(m, mydim[1]);

the latest compiled jar does not include this update, however, I plan to prepare a version 2.3 next week or you can download the source and compile yourself immediately.

Visit the official blog page of RCaller for the latest release here

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Well, thanks, so the solution is that there is no solution. :-/ –  Chris May 15 at 18:13
Relax! Get the version 2.3.0 which includes the ability that you requested using the link drive.google.com/… –  jbytecode May 15 at 18:31
And this is the blog entry for the new version: stdioe.blogspot.com.tr/2014/05/new-release-rcaller-230_15.html –  jbytecode May 15 at 18:52

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