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I use DexGuard for obfuscation. I have the stack trace from crash log and the mapping file. When I run retrace.bat, giving it the stack trace and the mapping file, the output is still in the obfuscated format.

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Are you using ProGuard's retrace.bat? It cannot deobfuscate stack traces that were obfuscated with DexGuard. Solution is to use DexGuard's retrace tool instead:

java -jar /var/DexGuard/lib/retrace.jar -verbose mapping.txt trace.txt

DexGuard's is backwards compatible, i.e., it can also retrace ProGuard obfuscated stack traces.

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I totally did this too –  scottyab Apr 4 '14 at 12:52

This can also happen if DexGuard has obfuscated using non-ASCII characters, and these characters get mangled when you export the log from the device. One (crude) way of working around this is to use adb logcat -B to export the log in binary.

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