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I am using Ichikawa CakePHP MongoDB plugin. I have a problem in using unset in it. I have tried the command in shell:

 db.patents.update({}, {$unset : {"lv.2" : 1 }},{'multi':true})

These are working fine.

But when I am converting them to CakePHP command as follows:


Then it doesn't work and gives error:

 MongoCollection::update(): expects parameter 1 to be an array or object, boolean given

Can anyone help me to figure out the problem.


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There are no conditions

The error message means that the query being generated is the equivalent of:


This can be confirmed by checking the query log (easy if you're using debug kit).

How is that happening

The second parameter for model updateAll is missing, which means it will have the default:

public function updateAll($fields, $conditions = true) {
    return $this->getDataSource()->update($this, $fields, null, $conditions);

Therefore in the mongodb datasource class - the conditions passed are true:

public function updateAll(&$Model, $fields = null,  $conditions = null) {

As a consequence, the resultant update statement has true as the first parameter, not an array.

Correct syntax

The correct syntax for such a query is:

    array() # <- do not omit this

Note that it's not necessary to specify 'multi'=>true as the datasource does that for you, especially not in the fields argument.

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