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I am using fullcalendar plugin to get and display holidays of a month via Ajax. The problem I am having, is that the method that retrieves the holidays accepts only a year and a month as parameter, not a date range.

When using month view of fullcalendar, the start and end parameter ranges from feb 23rd and Apr 6th. I need it to range from Mar 1st to Mar 31st. That way, I can only get year and month part to call the method.

This is what I tried but without success:

        monthNames: ['Enero', 'Febrero', 'Marzo', 'Abril', 'Mayo', 'Junio', 'Julio', 'Agosto', 'Septiembre', 'Octubre', 'Noviembre', 'Diciembre'],
        monthNamesShort: ['Ene', 'Feb', 'Mar', 'Abr', 'May', 'Jun', 'Jul', 'Ago', 'Sep', 'Oct', 'Nov', 'Dic'],
        dayNames: ['Domingo', 'Lunes', 'Martes', 'Miércoles', 'Jueves', 'Viernes', 'Sábado'],
        dayNamesShort: ['Dom', 'Lun', 'Mar', 'Mié', 'Jue', 'Vie', 'Sáb'],
        events: '/get_month_holidays',
        start: {
            month: new Date((new Date()).getFullYear(), (new Date()).getMonth(), 1)
        end: {
            month: (new Date((new Date()).getFullYear(), (new Date()).getMonth() + 1, 1)) - 1
        buttonText: {
            today: 'hoy'

Any help will be appreciated,

Thanks Jaime

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Finally I used:

        eventSources: [
                url: '/get_month_holidays',
                type: 'POST',
                data: function() {
                    var fecha = $('#calendar').fullCalendar('getDate');
                    return {
                        month: fecha.getMonth() + 1,
                        year: fecha.getFullYear()

And it worked. Thanks anyway. Jaime

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