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I need to develop wallpaper app using adobe flex with adobe flash builder so that I need help after I complete user interface and I downloaded wallpaper manager native cod please help me where i write native cods to set image as wallpaper on the device .tnx!

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What you want to do is setting a local image file to your device wallpaper right?

If yes, you can download on this page an ANE that should be doing what you want (I haven't tested it myself though), I guess it's the same one you were talking about when mentionning Wallpaper Manager.

Using it simply means getting an instance of the manager and calling one of the following functions:

var manager:WallpaperManager = WallpaperManager.getInstance();
if (manager.isSupported())
    manager.setWallpaperFromPath(IMAGE-NATIVE-PATH); // if using a native path of a image on device
    manager.SetWallpaperFromBitmapData(BITMAPDATA); // if using an actionscript Bitmapdata object
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