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This is related to my earlier question: Elementwise logical comparison of numpy arrays

I have two numpy arrays of random integers


I need to test if any of the rows in A have more than 0 and less than M common elements elementwise with B.

For example if


I would expect True since [1,0] and [1,2] share more than 0 and less than 2 elements elemenwise.

On the other hand if


I would expect False since there are only rows which chare 2 or 0 elements elementwise

At the moment my approach is:


To me this seems like a convoluted way of testing this and I was wondering if there was a more natural way that I'm missing.

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I would do it like this

result = any(logical_and(neq<B.size, neq>0))

where neq keeps track of how many digits each line of A has in common with B.

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