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I have an AngularJS web application which I develop in Visual Studio 2013. It uses TypeScript for client side code, and C# with ASP.NET as backend.

Currently I publish the web project, which compiles TypeScript, the backend project and bundles it with the dependencies, CSS, html, etc. and then uploads it through FTP. This process works perfectly, except for the problem that browsers are caching the older files (which they should for performance).


To deal with this problem I'd like to integrate in the web publish process to rename .html, .js and .css to include the hash of their contents. And in turn update the references to these paths in all the other files.

One additional improvement for me would be to bundle all js in the app folder to a single bundle..js. There are currently 42 .js files in this folder (that is not including another 6 libraries downloaded from the js folder, and 2 more from a public CDN), all being requested at the first page visit. On a desktop this overhead is significant, but not a deal breaker, on a mobile device, especially with bad connection this can easily take 10-20 seconds.


Trying to searching for an implementation only yielded a result that works with grunt. I'd like to stick with Visual Studio (which I think uses MSBuild) though.

If I'd just be able to run my code at the ending of the bundling and just before it uploads to FTP, I could program these transformations without any real problems. However I'm completely new to MSBuild and how this'd work.

One thing I do not want to do is to depend on my server's backend code to do these transformations. I have no need for them during my regular builds and don't want to clutter my application code with deployment internals. I'm also not using WebForms, MVC or WCF for that matter, so the standard ways of integrating it through backend code are not going to work for me.


How would I about integrating this functionality in the build process? Is there already some tools available that do this?

Would it be possible to make this work with source control? So anybody that fetches the code could spin up VS and deploy if they have the FTP credentials. The source control is git hosted on BitBucket, it doesn't use Team Foundation Server.

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You could use post build commands and execute NAnt against a build file. The build file from HTML5Boilerplate does fingerprinting for the stylesheets and the javascripts. github.com/h5bp/ant-build-script If needed, (N)Ant can take care of FTP as well. –  Astuanax Apr 9 at 21:10
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