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I've run into a situation with PHPUnit. I have a class that includes a php file that contains non class methods. In my class I have a method that calls the that function. Below is an example of my setup.

class foo
    public function getInfo() 
        $data = functionFromRequire();

    public function getFunctions()
        return require_once '/PATH/TO/FILE/functions.php';


PHPUnit getMock only mocks class functions. Is there anyway to mock non class functions with PHPUnit? Google results only seem to take me to mocking class functions. Thanks in advance!

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Mock getInfo() instead? Or do something to avoid the getFunctions() method in that particular guise. –  markdwhite Mar 24 '14 at 15:55
@markdwhite getInfo is the method I'm trying to unit test. I mock the call to getFunctions so it just returns true. Which causes the test to fail due to the function not existing. –  Lazadon Mar 24 '14 at 15:59
I mean to mock getInfo() so it returns a suitable value as if $data had been supplied by functionFromRequire(). Alternatively, refactor to avoid getFunctions() entirely as surely that could be done in a more testable way. –  markdwhite Mar 24 '14 at 16:12

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Using namespacing, you can replace your function functionFromRequire for your getInfo test. However, requiring the file explicitly as you do in your question will make this difficult.


You can wrap your test in and class in the same namespace and then replace the functionFromRequire with your own that will return a set value. As long as you do not specify the namespace of the function, you can replace it and PHP will be able to handle it properly.

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In short, PHPUnit did not have functionality to mock namespaces that I could find. I did some refactoring as @markdwhite suggested. I created a new class that included the old file. Then used the magic __call() and call_user_func_array() php functions in the newly created class. Since there was too many namespace functions to manually redo. Hope it helps someone else!

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