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I am new to windows application and I stuck with an issue.
I have a web application hosted in server and one of the folder in that application is shared .I am developing the windows application for the same and i need to sync the images in this folder to local folder in client machine's folder. that's why i made it shared in server. So how can i copy these files from server to client.

network path '\server-name\c$\inatallfolder\Install 1\uploadedFiles\uploads' can it be done using 'File.Copy' .
i found lot of answers in web and stackoverflow itself. Please advise better solution..

thanks and regards,

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I'm not sure if i unterstand you correctly. Why can't you copy from a network share?

You could download the files with a WebClient:

byte[] data;
using (WebClient client = new WebClient()) {
    data = client.DownloadData("http://localhost/images/w/abc.jpg");
File.WriteAllBytes(@"c:\client\abc.jpg", data);
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thanks EC8or..it works –  Sivajith Mar 24 '14 at 18:54
Then you should accept it as answer. :) –  komaflash Jun 10 at 19:25

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