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For me personally, this is very odd..

I have a script with some infinity animated elements. When I view ony this page, code works fine. But when I leave this script and run other browser window.. Strange things start to happen. For example I go check my facebook, and after 10 seconds I go back to my site with this script (which should work all the time) but then, script crushes suddenly and full page hangs..

You can check this by your own, I've created a CodePen with this:

CodePen Demo

Just go there, leave it opened and surf at any another page in other window..

The problem is with a badgeClone function - this I know for sure. badge1 variable takes .badge element, clone it and make some animation. But when I active window with my script again, after view another page, then var badge1 returns .badge element multiply times in console log - and then browser dies.

Piece of the code with this function (badgeClone)

function badgeClone() {

var badge1 = $('.badge');
var badge2 = $('.badge').clone();

var badgeWidth = badge1.width();
var badgeHeight = badge1.height();

        'line-height': '180px',
        'text-align': 'center',
        'font-size': '70px',
        'font-weight': 'bold',
        'color': '#fff',

        'width': badgeWidth * 2 + 'px',
        'height': badgeHeight *2 + 'px',
        'line-height': '360px',
        'font-size': '140px',
        'top': '-150px',
        'right': '-100px'
        500, "linear", function() {
            if(count >= 9) {
                count = 1
            } else {


                'width': badgeWidth + 'px',
                'height': badgeHeight + 'px',
                'line-height': '180px',
                'font-size': '70px',
                'top': '-60px',
                'right': '-40px',
                'opacity': '1'},
                500, "linear", function(){
                    badge1.fadeOut(600, function(){


I've heard that, this can be because of new browsers features. They make somthing like auto queue on my script when the window is inactive and when I active window my site again, then all things that was in queue blast off in one time.

This can be true, but the question is.. How to stop it?

Once again - thanks in advance :)

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You can't stop it - in fact, I use this as desired behaviour by wrapping auto-updating AJAX calls into a requestAnimationFrame to "defer" them to when the user comes back, a feature that people have noticed and appreciate! In your case, though... you may need to write your own animation handler to avoid such problems. – Niet the Dark Absol Mar 24 '14 at 16:08
So maybe should I add some script that will check if this window is active and if it's not then I will stop animation for all elements in this function? This is the only solution? – Sniffer Mar 24 '14 at 16:14

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