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the problem I'm having is making me sick. I'm working over an applescript that throws action to fill form. I think I'm having an issue while getting it to wait until the site is loaded in 100%. The script activates the site but doesn't fill the forms. Please navigate me and help to work out this lazy script:

tell application "Safari"
set loginurl to "http://www.dogomania.pl/forum/register.php"
set mylogin to "worker100"
set mypassword to "blackie698"
tell application "Safari"
    make new document at end of documents
    set URL of document 1 to loginurl
    delay 4
    do JavaScript "document.forms['regusername']['username'].value = '" & mylogin & "'" in document 1
    do JavaScript "document.forms['password']['password'].value = '" & mypassword & "'" in document 1
end tell

end tell

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The problem is not just with the timing, because if I load that url, and then run just your do javascript lines, it still doesn't work. You sure that's the correct url, btw? You could try a different method, which is to create the form yourself and submit it. See here: stackoverflow.com/questions/21414846/… –  jweaks Mar 24 at 20:54

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Looks like you simply have the form id/hierarchy wrong. This worked for me:

tell application "Safari"
  do JavaScript "document.forms['registerform']['regusername'].value = '" & mylogin & "'" in document 1
end tell

... and use the same form id for the 'password' field and other fields.

or you can do this, too, and only worry about the specific element id:

tell application "Safari"
    do JavaScript "document.getElementById('regusername').value = '" & mylogin & "'" in document 1
end tell
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You really helped me a lot! I'm looking forward to find some other issues probably, so I would be grateful for some further help ;) Thank's a lot! –  Kamikasse Apr 3 at 21:16

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