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I'm starting to work with Java GUIs and I have some problems with SwingWorker: I'm trying to do a simple UI to start a server, run some "slave" objects and finally, run a master object managing all the work. I define the problem in the master (the number of tasks to do) and I have a progressBar in the UI that I want to update each time a task is done. I use a SwingWorker to update the progressBar, but I don't know how to do it right: in the background method it just sleeps until the master wakes it up when a task is done. Unfortunately it doesn't work and I would appreciate if someone could explain me what should I do.

I create the swingworker in the GUI and add a listener for update a progressBar:

private void jButton5ActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) {

        worker = WorkerUpdater.getInstance();

This is the SwingWorker:

public class WorkerUpdater extends SwingWorker<Void, Integer> {

    private static WorkerUpdater instance;
    private int progress;
    private boolean changed = false;

    public int getProgreso(){
        return this.progress;

    public void setProgreso(int p){
        this.progress = p;
        changed = true;

    public static WorkerUpdater getInstance(){
        if(instance == null)
            instance = new WorkerUpdater();
        return instance;

    protected Void doInBackground() throws Exception {
        while(progress < 100){
                setProgress(Math.min(progress, 100));
                changed = false;
        return null;


And I want to update the value of the progress bar when a task is done in other class (client):

    public boolean taskIsDone(String taskID, Object[] retVal) throws RemoteException {

        System.out.println("Client: taskIsDone(): Old task: " + taskID);

        this.progress = ((Double) Math.ceil(doneTasks / totalTasks)).intValue();

        synchronized (taskSynch) {
            this.results.put(taskID, retVal);

        System.out.println("Client: Task finished: " + taskID);

        return true;

The problem is that the value of progress in the client class changes its value but the progress bar doesn't.

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It would be helpful if you posted a SSCCE demonstrating what kind of trouble you are having. – ryvantage Mar 24 '14 at 16:47
The progress bar doesn't update by itself. You have to call setValue on it. I don't see you doing that except setting to 0. Also, your code is not thread-safe. In particular it's possible HotSpot is able to compile the if(changed) to if(false) because changed is not volatile. HotSpot does similar optimizations. – Radiodef Mar 26 '14 at 15:45
I forgot to put the method, but I have one "propertyChange" and it's doesn't work. – mreigosa Mar 27 '14 at 16:18

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