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I have a crash in Sprite Kit on iOS 7.1. I tried to build with Xcode 5.0.2 and 5.1. Results are the same. Still crashing on iOS 7.1 devices.

Here are attached screenshots.

enter image description here enter image description here

I found the code which generated the crash.

- (WATDirection *)panDown {
WATDirection *direction = [[WATDirection alloc] init];

CGFloat newY = 830;

[direction addStartHandler:^(WATDirection *direction) {

    self.panningDown = YES;

    [self runAction:[self animateNextArrowFadeOut] withKey:@"next_arrow"];

    // Move the scene
    SKAction *panDown = [SKAction moveToY:newY duration:1.5];
    panDown.timingMode = SKActionTimingEaseInEaseOut;

    [self.rootNode runAction:panDown withKey:@"panDown"];

    // Fade in the pipes
    SKNode *pipes = [self.rootNode childNodeWithName:@"pipes"];

    SKAction *fadeIn = [SKAction sequence:@[
        [SKAction waitForDuration:0.3],
        [SKAction fadeAlphaTo:1 duration:0.6]

    [pipes runAction:fadeIn withKey:@"fadeIn"];

    [pipes enumerateChildNodesWithName:@"pipe" usingBlock:^(SKNode *node, BOOL *stop) {
        SKAction *fadeIn = [SKAction sequence:@[
            [SKAction waitForDuration:1.1],
            [SKAction fadeAlphaTo:1 duration:0.6],

        [node runAction:fadeIn withKey:@"fadeIn"];

    // Fade out the overlay
    SKNode *pipesOverlay = [pipes childNodeWithName:@"pipes_overlay"];

    SKAction *fadeOut = [SKAction sequence:@[
        [SKAction waitForDuration:3.0],
        [SKAction fadeAlphaTo:0 duration:0.5],
        [SKAction removeFromParent]

    [pipesOverlay runAction:fadeOut withKey:@"fadeOut"];

    [self runAction:[SKAction sequence:@[
        [SKAction waitForDuration:3.5],
        [SKAction runBlock:^{
            [direction finish];

[direction addFinishHandler:^(WATDirection *direction) {

    [self runAction:[self animateNextArrowFadeIn] withKey:@"next_arrow"];

    self.panningDown = NO;
    self.pannedDown = YES;

[direction addCancelHandler:^(WATDirection *direction) {

    SKAction *panDown = [SKAction moveToY:newY duration:0];

    [self.rootNode runAction:panDown withKey:@"panDown"];

    SKNode *pipesOverlay = [self childNodeWithName:@"//pipes_overlay"];
    [pipesOverlay removeFromParent];

    [self runAction:[self animateNextArrowFadeIn] withKey:@"next_arrow"];

    self.panningDown = NO;
    self.pannedDown = YES;

return direction;


These 2 lines are the problem:


    [self runAction:[self animateNextArrowFadeIn] withKey:@"next_arrow"];

Any ideas over this?

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can you post some code please? – Ilario Mar 24 '14 at 16:44
please set an exception breakpoint, do some investigation related to the source near the crash, then post some code. – danh Mar 24 '14 at 16:47
@Ilario this is the problem. I can't find the code that generates this error. – grigorievs Mar 25 '14 at 7:25
@danh I did that. No success. With Zombies enabled generates the same result. – grigorievs Mar 25 '14 at 7:26
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Found the problem. There were 2 actions with the same animationKey @"next_arrow".

[self runAction:[self animateNextArrowFadeIn] withKey:@"next_arrow"];

Second actions starts before first action finishes. Second action tries to remove animation with that key from the queue but there was no action with that key because first action removed that from the queue.

The fix is to rename the action key for the second animation.

[self runAction:[self animateNextArrowFadeIn] withKey:@"next_arrow_down"];

Thanks all for your support!

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