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I am looking for tool that monitor threads in windows. The tools has to check every minute if there is a new thread and has to suspend the thread. The tool has a configuration where I set the "Start Address" of the thread I want to suspend. The detection and suspend has to be automatic; that is, the tool is running in the background and suspends threads on its own.

The tool can monitor all threads in Windows, or at least threads from a specific path. The specific path content exe and dll file that have threads to monitor and suspend.

I don't know if it is possible to make such a tool but it would be awesome to get such a tool. There are already tools that let me suspend threads, like Process Explorer or ProcessThreadView. But the problem is that I have to look for the threads every time and also to suspend the threads manually. But I need a tool or script that the detection and suspend automatically.

I hope someone has an idea to help me.

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Sounds like you want windbg, but the scope for using it is probably far above what would fit in a single answer here (I've seen mutli-day courses about how to use it in the past) –  Rowland Shaw Mar 24 at 16:47
Just off the bat, a "Start Address" does not uniquely identify a thread. –  Martin James Mar 24 at 17:07
And once a minute is going to miss almost all the time - a bajillion (ok, that's an overstatement, but still...) threads could have already started and finished in the last 60 seconds on modern systems... –  twalberg Mar 24 at 17:42

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