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Here is a problem. My original table has several variables, where var_1 has N categories/values and var_2 is numeric, var_3 also has many categories, like ID. So, one ID (var_3) has multiple entries of numeric var_2 in different categories presented in var_1.

I need to crate a new table, where I would have N columns for each value in var_1 and aggregate function like sum for all values in var_2.

The only solution I could think of is to run a separate query for each of N categorical values of var_1:

   CREATE TABLE tmp_1 AS SELECT var_3, var_1, SUM(var_2) AS new_var_1 FROM orig_table WHERE var_1 = value_1 GROUP BY var_3, var_1;
   CREATE TABLE tmp_N AS SELECT var_3, var_1, SUM(var_2) AS new_var_N FROM orig_table WHERE var_1 = value_N GROUP BY var_3, var_1;

These table will then have a column with a constant value var_1.

   CREATE TABLE final_table AS SELECT t1.var_3, t1.new_var_1, t2.new_var_2, ..., t3.new_var_N FROM tmp_1 INNER JOIN tmp_2 ON t1.var_3 = t2.var_3 INNER JOIN tmp_3 ON t2.var_3 = t3.var_3  ... INNER JOIN tmp_N ON tN-1.var_3 = tN.var_3;

I hope it can be done much simpler as I have over 50 categories in var_1.

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