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I have to integrate FaceBook connect with the iPhone App. I downloaded SDK, added new app on the facebook.

But I have a problem. All samples and tutorials contains feature with feeds publishing. In the sample which included in the SDK I have to insert Template Bundle Id instead of '9999999':

- (void)publishFeed:(id)target {
  FBFeedDialog* dialog = [[[FBFeedDialog alloc] init] autorelease];
  dialog.delegate = self;
  dialog.templateBundleId = 9999999;
  dialog.templateData = @"{\"key1\": \"value1\"}";
  [dialog show];

Where can I create templateBundleId? I can't found how to create it in the Developer's Tools.

May be templates is deprecated. If it's true then what can I use for publishing on the FB? And how can I do it with the iPhone SDK?

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You create the templateBundleId in the console -

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I can't found it in the console! Console contains API Test Console, FBML Test Console and Facebook Connect Playground only. Where can I create templateBundleId? – Yakov Feb 14 '10 at 15:55

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