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I'm converting an existing application to use ribbon. I'm using visual studio 2012. I tried to add buttons through QAT properties editor in the ribbon designer. The QAT shown in the Test Ribbon mode correctly. But It's not shown when I debugging the application. The dropdown box button is there but not functional.

I've also tried to add buttons in code, but it makes no difference:

    MFCRibbonQuickAccessToolBarDefaultState qatState;

Any idea would be appreciated. The part of QAT in ribbon1.mfcribbon-ms is:

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I solved it. In the CAppnameApp::InitInstance() function in the Appname.cpp, call InitContextMenuManager() function. This initialize the CContextMenuManager object which manage shortcut menus. This object is introduced in VC2008. Also other functions like InitShellManager(); InitKeyboardManager(); InitTooltipManager();need to be called at the same place.

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