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foreach ($query as $row){
echo  '<tr><td>
    <label class="checkbox">
    '.form_checkbox('delete[]', $row['link']).anchor("site/see_art/".$row['feed_id'],$row['title'],'class="abc"').
    '<div class="tooltip-inner">'.$row['description'].'</div></td><td>'.substr($row['pub_date'], 5, 12).


    var timeoutId = setTimeout(function(){
    }, 650);
    $('.tooltip-inner').data('timeoutId', timeoutId); 

    var timeoutId = setTimeout(function(){
    }, 650);
    $('.tooltip-inner').data('timeoutId', timeoutId); 

In view I have a table where I displayed some titles. I want to display the description of title when I hover the link. My problem is when I hover on a link it displayed me the description for all the links. I don't know how to fix this.

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Why is this tagged codeigniter? Seems like a jQuery/JavaScript issue. –  Sparky Mar 25 at 23:18

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This is because of $('.tooltip-inner') selector - it selects ALL elements with tooltip-inner class.

The div you're trying to select (<div class="tooltip-inner">) is a sibling of the anchor triggering the event (<a class="abc"). To select this div, use siblings() method:


However you will need to rework the other parts of your HTML and JavaScript to have it working.

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the problem is that i must do this with JS. –  user3429546 Mar 24 at 19:51
@user3429546 oh I missed that totally. My answer is not valid at all then. Do you mean that your tooltip works (shows and hides when it should) but it displays wrong content? –  bostaf Mar 24 at 20:17
the tooltip it works but when i hover any title it appears the tooltip for every title not only for the title that i hover –  user3429546 Mar 25 at 16:40
@user3429546 OK, reworked my answer. –  bostaf Mar 25 at 23:11

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