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I am currently developing a framework for processing batch applications. The framework consists of:

  • One EAR (BatchProducer) (Dynamic Web Project .war bundled in .ear) Application with a web servlet that produces work placed on a queue
  • One EJB (BatchWorker) (bundled in .ear) that consumes the messages
  • Multiple .jars (BatchApplications) that contain business logic for batch processes

All of the business logic for a given batch application exists in its own self contained .jar file. These .jar applications must contain classes that extend two given classes (to allow class casting) and must be placed in the classpath of both the Producer and the Worker. From there, the servlet passes in a fully-qualified class name to the Producer, which finds the class in a jar, executes a method, and then passes work to the consumer. The consumer likewise executes a method from the referenced .jar.

All of this works great, the issue I'm having is that deploying and updating a .jar currently requires updates to both the BatchProducer and BatchWorker. I am deploying these EARs in IBM Websphere Application Server (7.0) and understand I can add the .jars as shared libraries. However, it is a requirement to make updates executable through IBM RAF (Rational Automation Framework).


  1. How/can IBM RAF be setup to update shared libraries? or

  2. How/can a .jar in one .ear be added to the classpath of another .ear?

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