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I'm working on an iPhone based App. It works fine on all devices and looks fine on all iPhone models, but for the iPad blown up version, there's less space above the UI than I'd like (some of the buttons are cut off by the edge of the screen where they weren't before.

I've uploaded some screenshots to make this clearer). The UI still functions fine, but visually it bugs me a bit so I was wondering if there's anything I can do about it that doesn't involve converting it into a Universal App. Is there anything that could be causing it?

I just did a test using:

NSLog(@"RESOLUTION = %@", NSStringFromCGSize([UIScreen mainScreen].bounds.size));

For screen resolution of the scalable iPhone App on the iPad, and it's the same result for iPhone Retina (3.5-inch) and for the iPad based on the simulator. The code I'm running should be the same for both devices, so I'm wondering if the status bar could be the culprit. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance.

Update 1

Actually, it seems like its just limited to iPad retina, although that still doesn't rule out the status bar. I'll try accounting for that and see if that makes some difference.

iPhone screenshots are as following:

iphone1 iphone2

iPad screenshots are as following:

ipad1 ipad2

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Are you using AutoLayout for your UI objects's placement, or do you do this manually (with code) ? In the case of coding, how do you check which structure to use? –  Aleksander Azizi Mar 24 at 19:47
I'm doing it manually. I'm basically checking if screen dimensions are good for iPhone 4-inch models, and setting the UI up one way for that, otherwise I'm setting it up for 3.5-inch models and iPad-scalable. Setting it up to do something different for the iPad UI shouldn't be huge problem though. I'd just need to know the root cause. –  Slayer0248 Mar 24 at 19:58
why there is a black spaces there? is that the 2X effect on iPad? –  hasan Mar 24 at 20:41
in this case why do you care any way? that looks bad anyway. better to support iPad –  hasan Mar 24 at 20:42
maybe its also under the status bar in the iPhone screenshot but because its transparent. while in the iPad its 2x and status bar is no top. try to remove the status bar. and check results –  hasan Mar 24 at 20:48

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Turned out it was the status bar height that was causing the problem. I'll probably update this answer shortly with the complete solution I ended up with since removing the status bar on the iPad seems like the way to go regardless of whether or not there is a retina display for said iPad.

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