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I am writing in javascript for windows (and also in wsf using javascript and vbscript) a desktop script not for internet and not using any explorer. I need tool for debugging (free one).

Does someone can recommend on one ?


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Please learn to use tags. –  SLaks Feb 14 '10 at 18:04

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I'm assuming you are creating WSH scripts based on your description. In order to debug WSH JavaScripts, start your script with wscript.exe /d path to WSH file after that, whenever an exception is going to occur, you are going to be presented with a choice to debug the script with Visual Studio or Microsoft Script Debugger (free). If you just want to step through the code start your script with wscript.exe /d /x path to WSH file this will cause an exception right at the begging of your script execution. More information here

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Aptana Studio is a great Eclipse extension and can also debug Javascript

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I've heard Firebug Lite could do this? That's probably not what you're looking for still.

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From the question, it sounds like you are trying to make an AJAX app that perhaps loads from local javascript + HTML.

That said, if it is OK to use Firefox as the web client, you might try Firebug. It is an excellent javascript debugger. It lets you do usual step / breakpoint things, inspect variables, and display the current page as a DOM model to help see what your jQuery (or Prototype, in my case) queries will find.

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No, he's writing for the local Windows desktop environment. –  Pointy Feb 14 '10 at 18:21

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