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I would like to REWRITE the hostname for certain requests in IIS using the URL Rewrite module.

For instance:

http://www.domain1.com should be rewritten to http://subdomain1.mydomain.com
http://www.domain2.com should be rewritten to http://subdomain2.mydomain.com

"mydomain.com" is in my control and as such of course also the subdomains. Accessing the application via the subdomains works perfectly, but some customers would like to access the application using their own domain name.

I'm in control to add the appropriate sitebindings for their domain names, but as I'm using the subdomain to control what exactly is displayed to users,

I need to rewrite the customer's hostname (www.domain1.com) to subdomain1.mydomain.com to keep my application running correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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