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What are the main use of these services. Shall I use this for my blog? What is the necessity to show that icons?

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Using a Creative Commons logo signifies that you are making the content on your site freely available for anyone to re-use (under various restrictions depending on which licence you choose). If you want to do that you're free to use the image and link, otherwise leave it off.

Using a TRUSTe logo signifies that you have paid money to TRUSTe for the right to use that logo. Supposedly that means you're a “trusted” business who won't do bad things with people's personal information, but in the past there have been many dodgy companies like spyware manufacuteres and spammers who have signed up in an attempt to make themselves look more legit, so it's questionable what worth the logo really has in reality. In any case, it's not really meant for use on a personal blog.

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