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Hell I have a static Window in my C++ program But it doesnt respond when I click

hButton = CreateWindowEx(0, "static",NULL, WS_VISIBLE | WS_CHILD | BS_BITMAP, 10, 5, //Left, Top 200, 40, //Width, Height hwnd, (HMENU)ID_hButton, hInstance, NULL);

It wont show the MessageBox when I click it.

case WM_COMMAND:{ switch(wParam){ case ID_hButton: MessageBox(0,"","",0); break; } } break;

So is there something wrong here or is it my App?

Now I have a new problem when I click the static control it does not show the MessageBox until I push Alt Anyone want to refer on why that is happening

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I solved this problem by adding the SS_NOTIFY Style to it after I read a former post. ty

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