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I am using renderDataTable in R & Shiny to present my data, but the filter is positioned at the bottom of table. Is there any way to put it at the top of the table? Thanks in advance!

BTW, where can I find the option list of renderDataTable?

      tabPanel("Tree Plot",plotOutput("plot")),
      tabPanel("Segment Data",dataTableOutput("obs"))

I'm not familiar with CSS, can anyone give me some advice on how to edit CSS inside R function?

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This : how to place datatable column filter on top : can help you with the CSS you'll need to modify to get the filter at the top.

You can look here : : for how to use the renderDataTable options and you should be able to see the correlation between the way those options are set and the options list for the jQuery DataTables proper.

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Thanks! I'm not familiar with CSS, where can I edit that inside R function? – Yoki Mar 25 '14 at 14:18
I haven't been able to replicate this in my shiny page. What do I need to pass to the options list? – 719016 Jul 21 '14 at 9:49

Another option is to modify the CSS. with this line

tags$head(tags$style("tfoot {display: table-header-group;}"))

You put this into your ui.R file like this

,tabPanel("MeSH"          ,tags$head(tags$style("tfoot {display: table-header-group;}"))
    ,fluidRow( ...
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