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I was trying to renew my access to a server on Windows 7 without logging off and logging back on, and noticed something strange.

I read that to clear and renew group memberships, I can use 'klist purge'. I saw that the cache was cleared with 'klist'. I then tried to access that share to see if I had updated write permissions. I was able to read the share, as before, but was still unable to write to the share (I have since learned that group memberships and access tokens are different. If anyone would care to elaborate on the differences between updating my group membership and updating my access token that would be very helpful also).

Klist showed that I had no tickets (this was on my local machine, not a RDP session) and yet I was still able to access all my AD controlled shares normally. After 5 minutes, still emtpy. After 10 minutes, I had 2 out of maybe 10 tickets show up with 'klist'.

Can anyone explain this?

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