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I want to be able to provision a CentOS box using Puppet

/home/vagrant/.rvm/bin/rvm install ruby-2.1.1 --binary --autolibs=enabled && rvm alias create default 2.1.1

so far I have added this to my puppet manifest:

$ruby_version = 2.1.1p76

exec { 'install_ruby':
  # We run the rvm executable directly because the shell function assumes an
  # interactive environment, in particular to display messages or ask questions.
  # The rvm executable is more suitable for automated installs.
  # use a ruby patch level known to have a binary
  command => "${as_vagrant} '${home}/.rvm/bin/rvm install ruby-${ruby_version} --binary --autolibs=enabled && rvm alias create default ${ruby_version}'",

  creates => "${home}/.rvm/bin/ruby",
  require => Exec['install_rvm']

And that won't work because 2.1.1p76 has no binaries.

I haven't been able to find out which patch would contain binaries... anyone?

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