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I'm using Faye WebSockets for my rails application and am trying to connect to a pre-existing websocket server at

However, my websocket's OnOpen event is never triggered, and there's no errors or status at all to the thing. Here's what the rails code looks like:

def make_websocket
    if @@ws
    p "Making the websocket"
    ws ='ws://') 

    ws.on :open do |event|
        p "connection has been opened"
        @@ws = ws

    ws.on :message do |event|
        p [:message,]

    ws.on :error do |event|
        p "WebSockets error"
        p [:error,]

    ws.on :close do |event|
        p [:close, event.code, event.reason]
        @@ws = nil

However, the only thing to be found in the log file is "Making the websocket". Is there something obvious I'm missing, or does anyone have a different gem that I could use as a client in a rails server? TIA.

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The code needs to be wrapped in an block

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