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I am trying to write the script to capture and mask the specific column.I need to have the 4 column with clear text and also mask it too in output file .I am not sure how to mask the same column

Pls help me in rewriting the below command or new command

AA | BB | CC | 123456

BB | 123456 | 12xx56

Script I wrote

cat input.txt | nawk -F '|' '{print $2  "|" $4 "|" $4} >output.txt
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will the value in column 4 always be 6 chars? If not, then edit your sample to indicate what you expect to happen with other sizes. Good luck. – shellter Mar 25 '14 at 3:11
The value in the 4 th column is fixed length always 6 chars – user3326101 Mar 25 '14 at 3:13
nawk -F '|' '{print $2  "|" $4 "|" substr($4, 1,3) "xx" substr($4,6,2)}' input.txt > output.txt


BB | 123456| 12xx56

Assuming you don't really need the leading and trailing spaces, I would make it

nawk -F '|' '{gsub(/  */, "", $0);print $2  "|" $4 "|" substr($4, 1,2) "xx" substr($4,5,2)}' input.txt > output.txt

cat output.txt

final solution

echo "AA | BB | CC | 12345678" \
| awk -F '|' '{gsub(/  */, "", $0)
  #dbg print "length$4=" (length($4)-4)
  masking=sprintf("%"(length($4)-4)"s", " ") ; gsub(/ /, "x", masking)
  print $2  "|" $4 "|" substr($4, 1,2) masking substr($4,(length($4)-1),2)


I using echo "..." to simplfy the testing process. You can take that out, replace with input.txt > output.txt and the end of the line and it will work as before.

I've added the (length($4)-1) to make the position of the 2nd to last char on $4 dynamic, based on the length of what ever word is in $4.


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Yes .In the command where are you masking with xx?I need to mask the column to mask too – user3326101 Mar 25 '14 at 3:20
lets assume the column is not fixed and I need to keep last 2 digit and first 2 digit in the output all the middle should be xxxxxx Then what would be the command – user3326101 Mar 25 '14 at 3:36

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