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I'm setting up an Embedded Jetty server as per the following:

Server server = new Server(8080);
ServletContextHandler context = new ServletContextHandler(ServletContextHandler.SESSIONS);

ServletHandler handler = new ServletHandler();
context.addServlet(new ServletHolder(new CustomServlet()),"/*");


try {
} catch (Exception e) {

I'd like to add the following parameters programmatically.

  <Valve className="a.ClassA" />
  <Realm className="b.ClassB" />

How can I do this?

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The jetty xml is simply a thin skin over java itself, so anything you can do in the jetty xml you can do in an embedded way.

This is a link to our documentation on embedding jetty.


It is not really clear to me what you are trying to do here, but the follow example explains a bit about security realms, etc.


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Thanks for the answer Jesse - this is an example of what I was trying to do (Waffle NTLM auth) code.dblock.org/… –  hawkeye Mar 25 '14 at 21:16

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