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The old list format looked like:

['Item 1', [['Item 1.1', []], ['Item 1.2', []]]]

And it is supposed be converted to:

['Item 1', ['Item 1.1', 'Item 1.2']]

This question comes from Django's ource code but I have trouble figuring it out.Thanks in advance.

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can you give more context on where you see this, and what you are trying to achieve ? –  karthikr Mar 25 at 3:59
The first piece of code is not a list - there is an inconsistency between opening and closing square brackets. –  alecxe Mar 25 at 4:09
I see this from Django Built-in template filters. Now i get trouble in converting the list, I have try many way,including recusion,but nothing help. –  Kzing Mar 25 at 4:19
Is it always exactly like this? I.e. you'll always want to grab the same three items from the same places? –  Roberto Mar 25 at 4:31

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Another option... this will also keep the format you request, and should work with any number of sub-items, but since I lack an example with more complex sub-items, I don't know if it will hold with real data... you'd have to check!

test = ['Item 1', [['Item 1.1', []], ['Item 1.2', []]]]

def convert(oldlist, newlist):
    for i in range(len(oldlist)):
        if type(oldlist[i]) == list and type(oldlist[i][0]) != list:
        elif type(oldlist[i]) != list:
            convert(oldlist[i], newlist[-1])
    return newlist

print(convert(test, []))

Output is:

['Item 1', ['Item 1.1', 'Item 1.2']]

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Thanks a lot.This really help.(Sorry for that i dont't have enough permission to vote this answer) –  Kzing Mar 25 at 7:48
import itertools

l = ['Item 1', [['Item 1.1', []], ['Item 1.2', []]]]

def con(L):
    res = []
    for x in l:
        if isinstance(x, list):
            temp = list(itertools.chain(*x))
    return [x for x in res if x]

if __name__ == "__main__":

the output is: ['Item 1', 'Item 1.1', 'Item 1.2']

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But this isn't the output he requests... –  Roberto Mar 25 at 5:32

Like this?

test = ['Item 1', [['Item 1.1', []], ['Item 1.2', []]]]

def convert(oldlist):
    return [oldlist[0], [oldlist[1][0][0], oldlist[1][1][0]]]


Output is:

['Item 1', ['Item 1.1', 'Item 1.2']]

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