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I am making a program to read from a file, alphabetize the info, and paste it into an output.. The only issue I am having is in the information that begins with quotes ("").

The main function for the program is to auto-sort MLA works cited pages (for fun obviously).

Here is the code... I would love any criticism, suggestions, opinions (Please keep in mind this is my first functioning program)

TL;DR -- How to ignore " 's and still alphabetize the data based on the next characters..


import os, sys

#List for text
mainlist = []
manlist = []

def fileread():
  with open("input.txt", "r+") as f:
    for newline in f:
      str = newline.replace('\n', '')

def main():
  print("Input Data(Type 'Done' When Complete or Type 'Manual' For file-read):")
  x = input()
  if x.lower() == 'done':
  elif x == '':
    print("You must type something!")
  elif x.lower() == 'manual':

def mansort(manlist):
  print("What would you like to name the file?(Exit to Terminate):") 
  filename = input()
  manlist = sorted(manlist, key=str.lower)
  for s in manlist:
    finalstring2 = '\n'.join(str(manlist) for manlist in manlist)
  if filename == '':
    print("You must choose a name!")
  elif filename.lower() == 'exit':
    with open(filename + ".txt", "w+") as f:

def sort(mainlist):
  mainlist = sorted(mainlist, key=str.lower)
  for s in mainlist:
    finalstring = '\n'.join(str(mainlist) for mainlist in mainlist)

  print("What would you like to name the file?(Exit to Terminate):") 
  filename = input()

  if filename.lower() == 'exit':
  elif  filename == '':
    print("You must type something!")
    with open(filename + ".txt", "w+") as f:

  print("\nPress Enter To Terminate.")
  c = input()


#Clears to prevent spam.

Please keep all criticism constructive... Also, just as an example, I want "beta" to come after alpha, but with my current program, it will come first due to "" 's

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I'm not familiar enough with Python to give you a solution, but you could either run an if statement on the string if it starts with " and remove it, or just strip all " from the string? I imagine something similar to: str = newline.replace('\n', ''), except where you have your newline, put the ". –  dcclassics Mar 26 '14 at 0:45

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sorted(mainlist, key=str.lower)

You've already figured out that you can perform some transformation on each item on mainlist, and sort by that "mapped" value. This technique is sometimes known as a Schwartzian Transform.

Just go one step further - remove the quotes and convert it to lower case.

sorted(mainlist, key=lambda s: s.strip('"').lower())
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