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Hi I'm trying to validate my website but it complains about my slideshow Is this because its using html? Should I ignore it?

validator link

src="" width="632px" height="308px"

Thanks for your help



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According to the HTML spec, (rather than ) is the tag to use for embedded content. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer supports the tag, which FF, Chrome, Safari, etc support the tag.

So how do you create valid content with Flash embedded?

After a web page has loaded, you can insert the embed tag, effectively circumventing the XHTML problems. As a bonus, you can use JavaScript to determine whether the correct Flash Plugin is available on your visitor's computer. If it isn’t, alternative content can be loaded.

LongTail Video's Embedding Flash tutorial

Hopefully this answers your question about how to embed your content in a standards compliant way.



Developer, LongTail Video

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