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I created a facebook app to integrate with my python scripts. I have permissions to get notifications and messages from user.

The problem is when I get notification, I doesn't scrap it well:

notification of Somebody is {u'title_text': u'Texas HoldEm Poker: Hurry! CLAIM your 
$25,000 FREE CHIPS now!'}

as you can see, the "{u'title_text': u' ...... "}" doesn't belong there. How can I get only the text message inside?

the second problem is when I'm trying to get message in hebrew, it looks like this:

{u'title_text': u'\u200e\u200e\u05d7\u05df \u05d1\u05dc\u05d7\u05e0\u05e1\u200e posted 
on Danie's\'s timeline\u200e: "Have a lot of good luck"'}

the "\u200e\u200e\u05d7\u05df \u05d1\u05dc\u05d7\u05e0\u05e1\u200e" is a name of someone in hebrew, how can I encode it to look perfect as the name itself?

Thank you.

Edit: I found that the unicode is "utf-8" and I need to add "u" before the string but what if my program gets a string .. how do I add the "u" to the existing string? Thanks.

Edit: Updated Code:

def insertNewNotification(notification_list, owner):

for notification in notification_list:
    notification = repr(notification['title_text'])
    notification = str(notification)
    notification = unicode(notification, 'unicode-escape')
    notification = notification.encode("UTF-8").decode("UTF-8")
    print "notification of " + owner + " is " + notification
    response = json.load(urllib.urlopen((url + "add_notification&message=" + notification + "&owner=" + owner).encode("UTF-8")))
return 1
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remove everything except u = notification['title_text']; print u. What is type(u)? –  J.F. Sebastian Mar 25 at 11:36
Key_error if I do: repr(notification['title_text']) It gives me the text in unicode with u" " –  Somebody Mar 25 at 11:42
remove repr.. –  J.F. Sebastian Mar 25 at 11:44
Worked !!! Woha ... Thank you so much! I'll go ahead and learn better python now from the documentions, thank you so much, again. –  Somebody Mar 25 at 11:46

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{u'title_text': u'Texas HoldEm Poker: Hurry! CLAIM your $25,000 FREE CHIPS now!'} is a representation (repr()) of a dictionary with Unicode key and value.

u"" is Unicode literal in Python. You type u only inside Python source code.

You probably has the following code somewhere print "notification of Somebody is", data

You should use print data['title_text'] instead.

Learn the difference between:

>>> s = u"\u2324"
>>> s
>>> s.encode('utf-8')
>>> print repr(s)
>>> print s
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when I use ['title_text'] It gave me: string indices must be integers, not str –  Somebody Mar 25 at 11:06
the above assumes that data is a dictionary. If it a string; you need to figure out where does it come from and avoid doing str(data) upstream –  J.F. Sebastian Mar 25 at 11:09
Great, works like a charm the only problem is when I print it gave me u"text Here", I converted it to STR, how do I remove the u and the " ", thanks! –  Somebody Mar 25 at 11:11
My bad, when I do convert to str from unicode it gave me: 'ascii' codec can't encode characters in position 40-45: ordinal not in range(128), what should I do to remove the unicode prefix? –  Somebody Mar 25 at 11:13
@Somebody: there is no Unicode prefix in memory. There are only Unicode strings (look at the s Unicode string above). What do you want to do with them: print to your terminal, save to a file, database, etc? –  J.F. Sebastian Mar 25 at 11:15

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