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Like there is Workbench for MySQL, SQL Management studio for MS SQL, Is there any tool for arangoDB?

I have searched a lot but found no solution.

Your help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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there is this arangoSH, but it is command line type.. i want GUI tool for arangoDB. is there any? –  user3458227 Mar 25 at 7:11
arangodb comes with a web interface - have you tried this? –  jamie0726 Mar 25 at 7:25
no. where can i find this web interface? –  user3458227 Mar 25 at 7:34
if your ArangoDB server is running on localhost with default settings, then the web interface should be available at localhost:8529 –  stj Mar 25 at 7:53
thank you. i found the web interface. but is there no windows based tool for arangoDB? –  user3458227 Mar 25 at 8:10

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As far as I know there is no desktop based management tool for ArangoDB on Windows, so you will have to stick either with web interface or shell. Web interface provides almost everything you need to manage your ArangoDB instance(s), but if you have any suggestions the best place would be to discuss it on google groups.

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thank you for the response. –  user3458227 Mar 25 at 10:24
First, the Arango Web Interface tool does most anything that Workbench for MySQL does, plus it does several additional things. Instead of being a "fat client application" like Workbench, the Web Interface displays and accepts commands through a web page via port 8529 of the Arango application on your computer, ie, it uses HTML in your browser, instead of Win32 in a Windows client. Said another way, it is a Windows based DB admin tool that's integrated with the database, and displays through your browser. –  Mike_Laird Jul 17 at 18:24

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