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What is the best way of implementing uCLinux-based embedded browser? Are there any web servers available so that I can call my C function for parsing the data and posting it back to the web server?

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years ago, there was boa webserver, don't know if it's still alive –  Mali Mar 25 at 9:09
can help me out by providing the links for how to implement and interact with html page using boa –  amar Mar 28 at 4:51
You need to edit your question, as you seem to misuse the terms "web server" and "browser". The browser is a HTTP client, not a server. A HTTP server has no GUI interface. Are you looking for a HTTP client or server to embed? The quickest and easiest method of getting a web server built & running is to use the Busybox httpd web server (assuming that your embedded device does have Busybox). –  sawdust Mar 28 at 9:35
I am looking for web browser through which i can change the embedded hardware board settings such as IP address Gate way and so on(I want to see the GUI to change, I want to browse it by using Ip on the browser) –  amar Apr 2 at 4:30

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