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I have a MySQL table that has a category column and a keyword column. The category column can have one of two values: category1 or category2. Records in category1 have multiple words in the keyword column and records in category2 have single words in the keyword column.

I need to find all the records that are in category1 where their keywords contain a keyword from category2 as a whole word.

For example:

id  category   keyword

1  category1  word1 word2
2  category1  word2 word3
3  category1  word2 word4
4  category2  word1
5  category2  word3

In this example, records 1 and 2 would be retrieved.

I tried the following query:

select sn1.category, sn1.keyword 
from keyword_set sn1 
join keyword_set sn2 
on (
sn1.keyword like concat(sn2.keyword, ' %') or 
sn1.keyword like concat('% ', sn2.keyword, ' %') or
sn1.keyword like concat('% ', sn2.keyword)
where sn1.category = category1 
and sn2.caegory = category2

This works, but it's too slow for a large number of records.

I also tried the REGEXP '[[:<:]]word[[:>:]]' type search and it is also too slow.

I have an index on the keyword column.

Is there any way to do this efficiently?

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Just an idea: make a table/view that contains that contains keywords of cat2. Then you can just use WHERE EXIST to check if any cat1 keyword is also in cat2. – aakashjain Mar 25 '14 at 8:09
@aakashjain: How would I use WHERE EXIST with that table/view? – stepanian Mar 25 '14 at 8:12

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