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I use Tinn-R with Windows 7 and I cannot type # and ] characters in the editor of Tinn-R. When I press Alt Gr + x (should be #), nothing happens. When I press Alt Gr + g (should be ]), the numbering of the lines disappear, so it seems to work as a shortcut for this option. Do you have a solution for this? Thanks,


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Key bindings will depend on the localization of your system. On my keyboard, # is SHIFT+3, for example. Tinn-R may be taking over some of the bindings. I suggest you switch to a different GUI. I recommend, RStudio, Eclipse + StatET or ESS. –  Roman Luštrik Mar 25 '14 at 12:17

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The problem can be solved in TinnR Options / Shortcuts and resetting all shortcuts conflicting with alt gr + x and alt gr + g (be sure to reset ctrl + alt + g/x and shift + alt + g/x - that's when I succeeded...)

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